Why the 2015 Emmy awards will be remembered as the most important ever

When we look back in years to come the 2015 Emmy Awards will surely be marked out as being one of the most important ever in the ceremony’s long history. A ceremony full of political and social solidarity with the transgender, female, black and LGBT communities. It was also a ceremony that fully tipped the hat towards the new TV paradigm where the best shows are available not just through your normal tv channels but on demand and anytime we want them.

There was Jeffrey Tambor taking out the best actor for playing a transsexual woman as well as Viola Davis becoming the first woman of color to win the best actress award. It will also be noted as the awards that Game of Thrones swept all before it taking out the largest number of wins ever with 12 beating out the 2000 haul of nine for The West Wing and finally winning the best series award (more proof that traditional TV from the big networks is seriously falling short when it comes to that special something that marks something of being of the highest quality.)

And although the final season of Mad Men was somewhat overlooked Jon Hamm did get to finally walk away with an award after many years of being nominated and not winning.

When the mighty Sopranos became the first cable series to win an Emmy in 2004 it was a definite turning point. This year we believe will be marked down as just as significant.

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