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Will CBS finish off CSI with a Two Hour Finale Next Season

There are rumours flying around that the next season of CSI, the sixteenth, will be the shortest and also the last.

It seems that CBS has big plans to shelve the orginal of all the CSI brands ‘CSI’. All of the various franchises have been renewed including the modestly performing ‘CSI: Cyber’ but it is looking likely that the sixteenth season could be the last and could well end up with a feature length finale.

According to the rumors, there are two options CBS are considering. One option is to make a final season of 16 episodes, as in a typical season of the show. The other could see it run to just four episodes and a two hour TV movie of two hours. CBS are keeping things pretty tight at the moment though so it really is nothing more than rumours.

Moreover, again according to rumors, the network want the return of William Petersen, who portrayed Gil Grissom and currently is a producer on the series. He left the show because of health problems, but CBS wants to convince him to give CSI a proper send off.

We should know more in a few weeks but as always we will keep you posted.

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