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Glynn Edwards



One of those very familiar TV faces, character actor Glynn Edwards is easily best known for his long running role as Dave the barman in Minder but was a regular on TV from the early sixties onwards. Other prominent roles included George Harbottle in soap The Newcomers in the mid sixties and a strong performance in the final two seasons of The Main Chance as David Main’s investigator Walter Clegg.

Edwards’ first wife was comedy legend Yootha Joyce and trivia fans might like to note that he was born in Malaya and apparently once worked in Trinidad as a Ssugar Farmer.

Born 2 February 1931. He is occasionally billed as Glyn with just the one N.


1961: Sir Francis Drake: The Lost Colony of Virginia as Martin Armstrong
1962: BBC Sunday-Night Play: Behind the Line (1962) as Bromsgrove
1962: Sir Francis Drake: Gentlemen of Spain as Martin
1962: Sir Francis Drake: The Gypsies as Will Martin
1962: Sir Francis Drake: The Doughty Plot as Martin
1963: Dixon of Dock Green: The End of the Trail as Jackie Silver
1963: Dixon of Dock Green: Before the Ball as Jackie Silver
1963: No Hiding Place: Pillar to Post as Jim Craig
1963: The Sentimental Agent: Meet My Son, Henry as Darrin
1963: The Human Jungle: The Two-Edged Sword as Albert Stokes
1964: Dixon of Dock Green: A Scrap of Paint as Jim Pike
1964: Espionage: Once a Spyas as 1st Surveillance man
1964: Dixon of Dock Green: The Home Builders as Bob Powell
1964: No Hiding Place: Who Takes the Blame? as Sgt. Dan Beynon
1964: Z Cars: First Foot as Mr. Cooper
1964: Z Cars: You Get All Kinds as Mr. Aldiss
1964: Redcap: A Town Called Love as Sgt. Coulter
1964: Diary of a Young Man (Series) as PC Jim / Prison Officer
1964: Cluff: The Amorous Builder (1964) as Bruce Butcher
1964: Madame Bovary (Series) as Charles Bovary
1964: The Protectors: The Stamp Collection as Farrell
1965: Public Eye: Dig You Later (1965) as Inspector Barry
1965: The Wednesday Play: 3 Clear Sundays as Prison Officer Johnson
1965-1966: The Newcomers (Series) as George Harbottle
1965: For Whom the Bell Tolls (Series) as Pablo
1965: R3: Good Clean Fun as Plowden
1965: Jury Room: The Lady and the Axe as Counsel for the Defence
1965: Undermind: Flowers of Havoc as Charles Ogilvie
1965: The Villains: A Joker for Your Button Hole as Sam Garland
1966: Dixon of Dock Green: Fire, Sleet and Candlelight as Tysack
1966: Softly Softly: Find the Lady as Jim Kennedy
1966: The Baron: The Maze as Det. Insp. Walsh
1966: Drama ’66: Conduct to the Prejudice as Rsm. Lythgoe
1966: ITV Sunday Night Drama: Four Triumphant: St Andrew as Sirius
1966: Mogul: Happy Landings as Ted Edwards
1966: Armchair Theatre: Dead Silence as Bob Bedford
1966: King of the River: Foreign Invasion as Jack Elliot
1967: Dial M for Murder (Play)
1967: ITV Summer Playhouse: A Brand New Scrubbing Brush as Cyril Lester
1967: The Saint: The Gadget Lovers as Igor
1967: The Wednesday Play: An Officer of the Court as Bernie the Tweedler
1967: Thirty-Minute Theatre: Haven’t You People Got Homes? as George Blackwell
1968: Mr. Rose: The Bogey Man as DS Willis
1968: Dixon of Dock Green: Suspended as Chief Insp. Jamieson
1968: Dixon of Dock Green: Nightmare as David Caley
1968: The Saint: The Organisation Man as Leander
1968: Detective: Crime of Passion as Detective Chief Inspector Dew
1968: Middlemarch: The Husbands as Busker
1968: The First Lady: Worked Out as Jack Haynes
1968: Spindoe (Series) as Billy Humphries
1968: Half Hour Story: Natural Justice as Lags as Glyn Edwards
1968: Softly Softly: Major Incident as Fisk
1969: Parkin’s Patch: A Pair of Good Shoes as Dan Ashworth
1969: Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Nice Cool Pad in the Sky as George Harris
1969: Dixon of Dock Green: End of a Copper as Det. Sgt. Frank Harvey
1969: ITV Playhouse: Have You Any Washing, Mother Dear? as Arthur Bentwood
1969: Out of the Unknown: The Yellow Pill as Inspector Slinn
1969: Journey to the Unknown: Stranger in the Family as Brown
1969: The Avengers: The Interrogators as Blackie
1970: The Main Chance: The Best Legal System in the World as Len Smith
1970: Softly Softly: Task Force – Lessons as Mr. Vernon
1970: Big Brother: There’s Always a First Time as Det. Chief Supt. Gudge
1970: Thirty-Minute Theatre: Lilly: Part 2 as Mr. Armstrong
1970: Steptoe and Son: Steptoe and Son – and Son! as George
1970: Manhunt: Betrayal as Emile Boudin
1970: Harry Worth: Where There’s a Will (1970) as Jack Robson
1970: The Wednesday Play: The Season of the Witch (1970) as Mr. Bates
1971: Bless This House: For Whom the Bells Toll as Motor-Cycle Policeman
1971: Dixon of Dock Green: Jig-Saw as Chief Insp. Jamieson
1971: Softly Softly: Task Force – Better Than Doing Porridge as Principal Officer Madox
1971: Please Sir!: David and Goliath as Mr. Dix
1971: Please Sir!: A Rather Nasty Break as Mr. Dix
1971: The Persuaders! The Long Goodbye as Boris
1971: Public Eye: Who Wants to Be Told Bad News? (1971) as Alfred Bain
1972: Callan: Call Me Sir! as Trowbridge
1972: Crown Court: Regina v Bryant as Inspector Collins
1972-1975: The Main Chance (Series) as Walter Clegg
1972: Thirty Minutes Worth: Season 1 Episode 4
1973: Orson Welles’ Great Mysteries: The Inspiration of Mr. Budd (1973) as Detective Inspector
1973: Thirty Minutes Worth: Season 3 Episode 7
1973: Thirty Minutes Worth: Season 3 Episode 5
1973: Thirty Minutes Worth: Season 2 Episode 4 as 1st Guard
1973: Son of the Bride: Anything But the Truth as Cutler
1973: Thriller: A Place to Die as Lob
1973: Seven of One: One Man’s Meat as Police Sergeant
1973: ITV Sunday Night Theatre: Pleased to Meet You as Jim
1973: The Adventures of Black Beauty: Foul Play as Sergeant Brown
1974: Bless This House: The Policeman, the Paint and the Pirates as Police Sergeant
1974: Crown Court: Confine to Solitary: Part 1 as William Hogarth
1975: Man About the House: The Tender Trap as Chrissy’s Father
1975 The Dick Emery Show: Season 14 Episode 11
1975: Churchill’s People: On the Anvil (1975) as Curly
1976: Lucky Feller (Series) as Mr. Peake
1976: Hunter’s Walk: Not Me as Dr. Clark
1976: Dixon of Dock Green: The Reunion as Det. Sgt. Cope
1976: Man About the House: Another Bride, Another Groom as Chrissy’s Father
1977: Target: Roadrunner as Dyer
1977: The Velvet Glove: Mother as George Glover
1977-1978 The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin (Series) as Mr. Pelham (3 appearances)
1977-1979: The Paper Lads (Series) as Jack Crawford
1978: Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em (Series) as Mr. Lewis
1978: Everyday Maths: The Round Up (1978)
1978: Crown Court: Meeting Place: Part 1 as Victor Hardman
1979: You’re Only Young Twice: The Outing as Sgt. Wilmot
1979: The Professionals: Servant of Two Masters as Alfred Cole
1979-1994: Minder (Series) as Dave
1980: The Dick Emery Christmas Show: For Whom the Jingle Bells Toll as Bunce
1980: You’re Only Young Twice: Twas the Night Before Christmas as The Burglar
1980: Play for Today: The Adventures of Frank – Everybody’s Fiddling Something as Policeman
1980: Grundy: What You Don’t See, Ask For as Det. Sgt. Timms
1980: How’s Your Father?: Rag Week (1980) as Police Sergeant
1980: The Enigma Files: Why Don’t They Tell You These Things? as Chief Supt. Evans
1980: The History of Mr. Polly (Serial) as Mr. Rusper
1980: Bernie Season 2 Episode 2
1981: A Sharp Intake of Breath: Rear Window as Mr. Smith
1982: Legacy of Murder: Bang, Bang You’re Dead as Thug
1983: Sweet Sixteen: Season 1 Episode 1 as Mr. Barnicoat
1983: Jack of Diamonds (Series) as Reg
1983: Red Monarch (TV Movie) as Vlasek
1983: Hallelujah!: Mobile Canteen as Police Sergeant
1984: Letty (Serial) as Inspector William Jones
1986: Mixed Doubles: If at First You Don’t Succeed as Mr. McCoy



1957: The Heart Within as 1st Constable
1962: A Prize of Arms Uncredited role as breakdown truck crewman
1963: Sparrows Can’t Sing uncredited role as Charlie’s Friend
1963: The Hi-Jackers as Bluey
1964: Smokescreen as Inspector Wright
1964: Zulu as Cpl. Allen
1965: The Ipcress File as Police Station Sergeant
1967: Robbery as Squad Chief
1968 The Blood Beast Terror as Sergeant Allan
1968: The Bofors Gun as Sergeant-Major West
1970: Fragment of Fear as CID Superintendent
1971: Get Carter as Albert Swift
1972: Burke & Hare as Hare
1972 Under Milk Wood as Mr. Cherry Owen
1972: All Coppers Areas as Jock
1973: Shaft in Africa as Vanden
1974: 11 Harrowhouse as First Guard
1977: The Stick Up as First Roadblock Policeman
1978: The Playbirds as Chief Superintendent Holbourne
1979: Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair as Chief Inspector Evans
1980: Rising Damp as Cooper
1987: Out of Order as Barman
1988: The Seventh Sign as Newscaster

Alastair James is the editor in chief for Memorable TV. He has been involved in media since his university days. Alastair is passionate about television, and some of his favourite shows include Line of Duty, Luther and Traitors. He is always on the lookout for hot new shows, and is always keen to share his knowledge with others.

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