5 Gold Rings with Philip Schofield Premieres Sunday 5 March on ITV

5 Gold Rings ITV 2017 Philip Schofield

Phillip Schofield hosts brand new interactive game show 5 Gold Rings, premiering on Sunday 5 March at 6.40pm on ITV, in which all the answers are to be found on a huge interactive floor.

The format has two teams going head to head over five rounds, with one team walking away with up to £25,000 and the other leaving with nothing. Who wins and who loses is decided in a unique way – using five gold rings.

The teams must battle it out against the clock and answer questions by placing their gold rings onto a supersized image displayed beneath their feet on a huge circular LED floor. For example, the picture might be a map of the world and the teams must attempt to pinpoint a certain location by placing a gold ring on the image where they think the answer is. If the contestant correctly encircles the answer, they move onto the next round and the chance to win more money. But if they are wrong they lose that ring forever.

For the contestants, every pixel really does count as the show’s state-of-the-art software – specially crafted for this game – detects exactly where each ring is placed on the floor. Each round gets more difficult as the gold rings decrease in size, making it even tougher to find and encircle the next correct answer.

Viewers can also play along via the 5 Gold Rings app for a chance to answer the same questions as the contestants in the studio and compare their scores with other players across the country. The first episode sees mother and daughter Katy and Wendy take on partners Janice and Roland – which team will win the money?

5 Gold Rings Episode 1 airs on Sunday 5 March 2017 at 6.40pm on ITV.

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