Alphabetical Series Return Mon 2 Oct on ITV

Alphabetical ITV

Jeff Stelling hosts a brand new second series of the fast-paced quiz show Alphabetical that sees contestants compete in a series of games based around the alphabet.

In each episode, the returning champion, having been victorious in the previous show, is pitted against three new challengers eager to move into the top spot. Over the course of four rounds, all three contestants aim to accrue as much time as possible by answering questions correctly.

The challenger with the most time at the end of the four rounds will go on to face the reigning champion in an effort to win the jackpot. In this tense showdown, the two finalists must make their way through the entire alphabet by answering questions based on each letter.

With just 100 seconds on the clock, plus the time that they have each accrued over the course of the game, it is a race against time to make it through all 26 letters and take home the prize. The winner walks away with the jackpot and returns for the next show to defend their title but, if neither contestant wins, the prize money is rolled over and the player who makes it the furthest through the alphabet is crowned champion, allowing them another chance at the jackpot in the next episode.

Alphabetical Series 2 airs weekdays at 3.00pm from Monday 2 October 2017 on ITV.

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