Bad Move Episode 4 airs Wed 11 Oct on ITV

Bad Move

Jack Dee’s new sitcom Bad Move continues with it’s fourth episode on Wednesday 11 October at 8.00pm on ITV. It’s not quite reached Lead Balloon levels yet but it is funny enough. At times it seems curiously, maybe deliberately old fashioned, especially when any of the supporting characters appear. The dynamic between Steve (Dee) and his wife Nicky (played by Kerry Godliman) is excellent though.

In this fourth episode Nicky and Steve are alarmed to discover that an ancient public right of way runs straight through their garden. An attempt to stop the path being used results in Steve making himself an enemy of the ramblers and results in a tense standoff. They attempt to rally the support of their neighbours, and the rest of the village, and try to persuade them to sign a petition. To add to their stress, perfect couple Matt and Meena have arranged for their children to do a sponsored recorderthon for the local hospital – and insist Steve and Nicky come along to support it.

Perhaps the resident rock star can provide a solution to their problems. Grizzo is currently preoccupied with a new craze called EFT, or ‘tapping therapy’. Will this therapy solve Nicky and Steve’s issues?

Bad Move Episode 4 airs on Wednesday 11 October 2017 from 8.00pm-8.30pm on ITV.

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