The Big Painting Challenge Episode 4 (BBC-1 5 Mar 2017)

Big Painting Challenge

With the competition hotting up, episode four of The Big Painting Challenge airing on Sun 5 March at 6.00pm on BBC-1, sees the seven amateur artists heading to the world-famous National Portrait Gallery in London to face two portraiture challenges, as they fight for their place in next week’s semi-final.

Portraits are notoriously difficult, and since everyone can tell if the human face looks right or wrong there’s nowhere for them to hide.

First they have to produce a self-portrait which is not only a realistic representation, but also conveys some of their character and emotions. For some, unsurprisingly, their main emotion appears to be fear – particularly as judge Daphne Todd OBE is a world-renowned portrait artist herself.

Mentors Pascal and Diana are on hand to guide their teams and help keep the nerves under control. The pressure is then ramped up another few notches when the artists are presented with undoubtedly their hardest challenge so far – they have just five hours to produce a portrait of a celebrity sitter, something that an established artist would take weeks, if not months over.

Pascal’s team must paint the inimitable Angela Rippon OBE and Diana’s artists have to capture the indomitable Baroness Floella Benjamin. The tension in both rooms is palpable as the artists struggle to translate such familiar faces, and many very nearly crumble. Who will be saved by the public panel – and who will the judges take through to next week’s semi-final?

The Big Painting Challenge Episode 4 (of 6) airs on Sunday 5 March 2017 from 6.00pm-7.00pm on BBC One.

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