Broken Episode 4 (BBC-1 20 Jun 2017, with Paula Malcomson)

Broken Episode 4

In the fourth episode of Broken, with time running out on her deception, Roz (Paula Malcomson) phones Father Michael (Sean Bean) from work, ahead of a devastating and public confrontation with her boss. Given a grace period of 24 hours before she must face the police, Roz uses the time to make vital preparations for her family.

Later on, Father Michael has a moment of clarity and makes a decision which goes against his vows – but might just save a life.

Elsewhere, Helen (Muna Otaru) leads the community in a vigil outside the police station, as PC Andrew Powell (Mark Stanley) struggles to make peace with what he has done.

Broken Episode 4 (of 6) airs on Tuesday 20 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC One.

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