Call the Cleaners Episode 3 (ITV 3 Oct 2017)

Call The Cleaners Episode 3

Call The Cleaners, the six-part series, which ventures into the world of extreme cleaners, continues on Tuesday 3 October at 8.30pm.

From dead body clean-ups to squalid homes and hoarders, nothing fazes these brave grime-busters as they pull on the rubber gloves and tackle some horror homes. This week, mother-and-daughter team Maxine and Jasmine are in Luton to help an elderly man who has a serious problem with clutter. John has lived alone for the last 30 years and now he is struggling to cope.

His home has been taken over by decade’s worth of belongings. The excessive clutter means that he spends most of his time sitting on a chair in the corner of the kitchen. Maxine and Jasmine have three days to transform the flat, but the job proves too big. Also facing a difficult cleaning job are George and his team. They have the task of cleaning a flat where, after several days, a body was discovered.

They have to remove all biohazard waste and have it incinerated, as well as clearing the flat of the remaining possessions. The cleaning team have to use an industrial fogger to finally remove the smell in the flat.

Call the Cleaners Episode 3 (of 6) airs on Tuesday 3 October 2017 from 8.30pm on ITV.

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