Can’t Cope Won’t Cope Episode 2 (BBC-3 11 May 2017)

Can't Cope Won't Cope

In episode two of Can’t Cope Won’t Cope, when Aisling saves her boss from a disastrous quirk of fate, the entire office is given the afternoon off.

Inviting Danielle to the drunken celebrations, things get out of hand when the two friends decide to visit a remote part of Dublin to watch some illicit activity.

Things get even more out of hand when Aisling decides to steal a car: in her drunken state she seems more concerned that her provisional licence has expired.

Danielle is played by Nika McGuigan and Aisling is by Seána Kerslake

Can’t Cope Won’t Cope Episode 2 (of 6) is available on BBC iPlayer from 10am on Thursday 11 May 2017.

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