China: Treasures Of The Jade Empire (Channel 4 18 Oct 2015)

AIRDATE: Sunday 18 October 2015 at 8.00pm on Channel 4

This Secret History documentary has exceptional access to the latest archaeological finds and treasures of the Han dynasty as, for the first time, archaeologists use cutting-edge technology to open up the spectacular tombs of China’s greatest dynasty, and reveal their secrets. The Han emperors led a life of sophistication and magnificent opulence. They created China’s Golden Age, rivalling the Roman Empire, and gave modern China its cultural identity.

In the search for immortality, the Han emperors built magnificent mausoleums where they would be entombed like mummies, alongside a vast new version of the iconic and awe-inspiring terracotta army; this time in miniature and naked.

Now archaeologists are finding rare evidence of stunning jade suits made of gold, silk and precious jewels, shining a new light on China’s most magnificent dynasty and its extraordinary riches.

Prod: Daisy Newton Dunn;
Exec Producer for Lion Television: Bill Locke;
Dir: Richard Max;
Prod Co: Lion Television (an All3Media Company), in association with ARTE France, Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation International and Smithsonian Networks

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