Couples Come Dine With Me Series Premiere Mon 6 March on Channel 4

Couples Come Dine With Me

Brand new series Couples Come Dine With Me, which premieres on Monday 6 March at 5.00pm on Channel 4, kicks off in Stockport, where three rival duos battle it out to host the best dinner party and win a £1000 cash prize. Builder Lee and his girlfriend Tash start with an inventive menu that includes vanilla cured salmon and hazelnut chocolate calzone.

Day two sees refined duo Judy and Will attempt to woo their guests with a fresh healthy menu. But when Tash finds a hair in her chicken, and Lee finds a greenfly in an edible pansy can Judy and Will pull their evening back? Finally it’s the turn of girlfriends Jess and Dale, who aim to take their guests on an Asian taste journey combining hot, sweet, and sour.

There’s a big shock in store for Will and Judy when Jess reveals a tattoo of their names on her arm but all is not what it seems, and when Jess takes something off at the table will it be all over for the lively duo? Or will they bring them home the grand?

Producer and Director: Chris Smithson
Series Producers: Lizzie Gill and Sam Keay
Executive Producer: Rachel Bloomfield
Production Company: ITV Studios

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