Derren Brown: Mind Control Series Premiere (Channel 4 28 Feb 2003)

AIRDATE: Friday 28 February 2003

“A few hundred years ago Derren Brown would have been burnt at the stake” – Bizarre

“Derren Brown is perhaps the closest our galaxy can boast to a Jedi Master” – Empire

The man The Guardian called “the greatest dinner party guest in history” is back, this time with his first series, starting on Channel 4 on Friday 28th February. The six programmes promise extraordinary psychological magic as Derren reveals the full extent of his mental powers, popping up at a wide range of locations to bemuse, shock and generally render the general public speechless.

Whether it be beating the lie detector, winning at will at a London casino (defying a nation-wide ban), giving a ghost train operator a taste of his own medicine or helping a bystander recall ‘hidden’ details at the scene of a shocking incident, Derren deploys his audacious confidence and intuition to predict, suggest and control human behaviour.

Derren abandoned a career in Law and concentrated on developing his skills at psychological magic. His big break came in 1999 when he was asked by Channel 4 to put a TV show together. The result, Derren Brown: Mind Control , was shown in December 2000, proving an immediate success. This was followed in August 2001 by another special Derren Brown: Mind Control 2 and on New Year’s Day 2002 he returned with Derren Brown: Mind Control 3 – a one-hour special that pushed the boundaries of psychological magic to new heights.

Prod: Anthony Owen
Dir: Jeremy Wooding
Exec Prod: Andrew O’Connor
Prod Co: Objective

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