Doctor Foster Season 2 Finale airs Tues 3 Oct on 2017

Doctor Foster

Doctor Foster’s fifth and final episode airs on Tuesday 3 October at 9.00pm on BBC One. Gemma (Suranne Jones) seems to have ruined Simon (Bertie Carvel) once and for all. Having left him with nothing, last weeks episode closed out with Gemma heading staight towards her ex-husband in a speeding car. We are pretty certain that she has not run him down.

The second season of the BBC drama has been incredibly bad, with terrible writing and performances and some very poor judgement calls from pretty much every character. It’s the kind of show that has become unmissable in it’s woefulness. If it wasn’t coming to an end it would be worthy of starting a drinking game to. What rude words will the cast try and shock us with this week? How many times will Gemma flounce out of the surgery? – Well let’s face it she has all but given up Doctoring – if there is a third season (and hopefully there won’t be) it will have to just be called Foster.

The first season at least had an interesting scenario, season two has simply gone over the same ground. The production team should watch HBO’s Big Little Lies to see how this type of show should be made.

Doctor Foster Season 2 Episode 5 (of 5) airs on Tuesday 3 October 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC One.

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