Doctor Foster Series 2 Premieres Tues 5 Sep on BBC-1

Doctor Foster Series 2 Suranne Jones

The multi-award winning Doctor Foster returns to BBC One on Tuesday 5 September at 9.00pm. The highly-anticipated second series tells the next exhilarating chapter in Gemma’s story.

Two years ago Doctor Gemma Foster (Suranne Jones) dramatically exposed her husband’s betrayals and he left town. Now Gemma’s life is destabilised once again when Simon (Bertie Carvel) returns.

Speaking about the second series Suranne Jones said “On the surface she has got her life back together. She’s very busy as she’s now head of the GP surgery. She’s still got her friends around her, like Ros and her neighbours across the road. She and Tom are very close and very happy. They treat each other very respectfully and like friends, they are very warm to each other. She’s happy.”

Of the second season series creator Mike Bartlett said “Sian Brooke plays a new doctor in the practice – also called Sian! Gemma sees her as a rival, and for some reason she seems to know more about Gemma than one might expect… Hopefully it’s got all the unexpected twists and unpredictable emotional turns that people enjoyed in series one, but while telling a new story about these characters. It’s sexier, I think, perhaps darker, and more emotionally complicated. We also take Gemma to a place I don’t think she would ever imagine she would get to.”

James meets Gemma when he comes to see her as a patient, but then he asks her out and that starts a new relationship in her life.

Created and written by Mike Bartlett and directed by Jeremy Lovering, Doctor Foster Series Two is produced by Drama Republic for BBC One. The producer is Kate Crowther and the executive producers are Roanna Benn, Jude Liknaitzky, Mike Bartlett and Greg Brenman for Drama Republic and Elizabeth Kilgarriff for the BBC.

Doctor Foster Season 2 Episode 1 (of 5) airs on Tuesday 5 September 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC ONE.

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