Escape To The Chateau Season 3 Episode 2 (Channel 4 1 Oct 2017)

Escape to the Chateau Series 3

It’s Spring and Dick Strawbridge plans to tame the walled garden at the Chateau. He buys a mini tractor, but will it fit through the garden gate? Dick and Angel explore the possibility of truffle farming. Angel designs two more rooms for guests. She calls them the Boudoir Suite – with black walls and mosaic mirrors. Later, there is a wedding proposal in the dining room and Angel decorates the entire room with blossom.

Executive Producers: Dale Templar, Steve Havers
Series Producer: Tina Jenkins
Production Company: Spark Media

Escape To The Chateau Season 3 Episode 2 (of 3) airs Sunday 1 October 2017 from 7.00pm-8.00pm on Channel 4.

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