Escape Series Premiere Sun 1 Oct on Channel 4

Escape Channel 4

In new series Escape, premiering on Sunday 1 October at 8.00pm on Channel 4, five people stranded in the middle of hostile terrain, surrounded by the wreckage of a vehicle, have only one way to survive – build a new machine and get out of there.

This time, five highly-skilled engineers are abandoned in a remote desert with the wreckage of a simulated plane crash. With them is an ex-special forces soldier, and also survival expert Ant Middleton. The mission is to keep them alive in the hostile environment while the engineers design and construct a powered vehicle from the wreckage – and escape.

The engineers comprise two men and three women. Each one brings a specific skillset to the team: there’s an aerobatic pilot; a traditional craftsman; an aerospace engineer; and two mechanical engineers. At the remote crash site, they don’t have the luxury of a workshop, or even proper tools to repurpose the wreckage. Day after day the searing desert heat takes its toll and with food and water in short supply, Ant must motivate a physically and emotionally exhausted team to engineer their way out of an increasingly critical situation.

Series Producer: Rob Rawlings
Series Director: Sam Campbell
Executive Producers: Simon Knight, Nina Davies
Production Company: Maverick

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