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GEM: Tigers About The House BBC Documentary Premieres On Thursday, April 30, At 7.30Pm

Animal lovers are in for a treat with the Australian premiere of the BBC documentary Tigers About the House on Gem tomorrow night at 7.30pm.

The documentary series, which was filmed at Australia Zoo in 2013, has been long-awaited by Australian audiences after a hugely successful premiere in the United Kingdom.

Tigers About the House follows tiger expert Giles Clark, head of Big Cats at Australia Zoo, as he trains tiger cubs Hunter and Clarence. Affectionately known as Spot and Strip, the brother cubs are among the most genetically important Sumatran tigers in the world.

Tune in to Gem on Thursday nights for a first-hand insight into the lives of these playful cubs and their transition to self-assured and confident tigers testing the boundaries and overcoming difficult obstacles.

Another first-run BBC documentary coming soon to Gem will be Inside the Animal Mind.

Inside the Animal Mind is a three-part series where British naturalist and wildlife expert Chris Packham uncovers the secrets behind the animal thought process, with a combination of startling footage and revealing photography of animals’ abilities from all over the world.

Take a fascinating look at some of the world’s most wonderfully smart creatures on Gem, from Thursday, April 30, at 7.30pm.

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