Hidden Restaurants With Michel Roux Jr Premieres Wed 8 March on Channel 4

Hidden Restaurants with Michael Roux

Hidden Restaurants is a brand new series premiering on Wednesday 8 March at 8.00pm on Channel 4, in which chef Michel Roux Jr takes to the road around the country, in search of secret eateries and food mavericks as he seeks inspiration for a three course menu at his own Hidden Restaurant, The Oast House.

This time, he heads to the south west and discovers visual feasts inside a sculpture; in a wood; and in the middle of an estuary on a floating café only reachable by boat. Helping Michel on his adventure is chef Freddy Bird, who created his own hidden restaurant in a once dilapidated lido in a Bristol backstreet. With new hidden gems opening every week, Michel sets Freddy the task of uncovering the unlikeliest of venues – this time he visits a Latin American ‘bustaurant’ and a restaurant hidden at the back of a campsite.

Executive Producer: Sam Grace
Series Producer: Stephen Leigh
Director: Ben Warwick
Production Company: Boomerang

Hidden Restaurants With Michel Roux Jr Episode 1 airs on Wednesday 8 March 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on Channel 4.

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