Holding Back The Years: Maureen Lipman (BBC-1 27 Mar 2017)

Holding Back The Years Maureen Lipman

Holding Back The Years is a five part morning show stripped across the week. Episode 1 premieres Monday 27 March at 9.15am on BBC One and features Maureen Lipman.

Maureen travels back to her home town of Hull to meet inspirational characters who have found different ways to stay happy through the ups and downs of life. Maureen faced her own challenges after losing her husband of over 30 years, playwright Jack Rosenthal. Maureen looks at how people can stay social and avoid loneliness as we grow older.

Maureen hears stories of triumph and tragedy from regulars at a local bingo hall, while over lunch at the Royal Voluntary Service club she runs the raffle and hears the highly vocal opinions of customers and volunteers alike. Maureen sees the dramatic difference to peoples’ lives made by a kennels that specialises in offering dogs to older people. She also meets men who have found companionship in their super-sized shed, a group who have put the social into learning and asks a couple their secret after a marriage lasting over sixty years

Holding Back The Years Episode 1 (of 5) airs on Monday 27 March 2017 from 9.15am-10.00am on BBC One.

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