An Hour to Catch a Killer with Trevor McDonald Premiere 12 Oct on ITV

An Hour to Catch a Killer with Trevor McDonald

In one-off documentary An Hour to Catch a Killer, airing on Thursday 12 October at 9.00pm, Sir Trevor McDonald presents a groundbreaking look at the work of police detectives during the ‘Golden Hour’ after a murder is discovered.

With unprecedented access to Northumbria Police, the film follows officers as they try to catch the killer of 24-year-old Alice Ruggles (pictured above).

Alice’s murder is discovered by her flatmate, and from the second the call comes in the murder squad begin filming themselves. They have cameras on their bodies recording their every move, allowing unrestricted filming inside the crime scene – where a camera crews would not normally be permitted for fear of evidence contamination. The principle of the ‘Golden Hour’ describes how the decisions detectives make during the first hour of an investigation impact on whether or not they catch the killer.

The programme has access to every level of the murder investigation as it progresses, giving viewers an insight into how detectives bring a killer to justice.

An Hour to Catch a Killer with Trevor McDonald airs Thursday 12 October 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on ITV.

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