imagine… Alma Deutscher: Finding Cinderella airs Mon 4 Sep on BBC-1

imagine… Alma Deutscher

In this imagine… profile, Alan Yentob meets the musical prodigy Alma Deutscher. Aged 11, Anna is staging her first ever full-length opera, Cinderella.

Composer, pianist, violinist, Alma learned to read music before she could read words. She began playing the piano aged two and at four years old she was composing her own music. From a tree house in Dorking to an opera house in Vienna, imagine… spends time with Alma at work and at play.

In the months leading up to the premiere of her opera in Vienna, we discover the inspiration and motivation behind a truly remarkable talent.

imagine… Alma Deutscher: Finding Cinderella airs Monday 4 September 2017 from 10.45pm-11.50pm on BBC One.

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