Inside No.9: Private View (Season Final BBC-2 21 Mar 2017, with Felicity Kendal)

Inside No 9 Private View

TV Icon Felicity Kendal guest stars in Private View, the final episode of Inside No. 9, airing on Tuesday 21 March at 10.00pm on BBC Two.

In Private View, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith find themselves in a mysteriously exclusive art exhibition.

It’s the night of Elliot Quinn’s valedictory show, Fragments. An unlikely group of individuals find themselves in The Nine Gallery in East London for champagne, canapés, and cutting-edge culture. However, the guests soon realise they are trapped within the exhibition.

Guest stars in this final episode include Felicity Kendal, Fiona Shaw and Morgana Robinson.

Inside No.9: Private View Episode 6 (of 6) airs on Tuesday 21 March 2017 from 10.00-10.30pm on BBC Two

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