James Martin’s French Adventure Premieres Thurs 13 Jul on ITV

James Martin’s French Adventure

Chef and TV presenter James Martin takes his daytime series into primetime as he embarks on a culinary yet nostalgic tour around the country that first inspired his career.

James’s first stop on his travels takes him back to the place that inspired his passion for food, Saint-Emilion. Saint-Emilion is a commune in the Gironde Department in Nouvelle Aquitaine in south-western France.

Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Romans are believed to have first planted vines here as early as the second century AD. James visits the legendary Chateau Cheval Blanc to prepare his first dish and sample a glass or two of the famous local wine – which was praised by the Latin poet Ausonius in the fourth century – before going back to the kitchens of L’Hostellerie Plaisance, where he worked as a lad more than 30 years ago.

There he enjoys a meal overlooking the picturesque town and the macaron shop where he first discovered his sweet tooth. He rounds off his trip down memory lane by visiting some British ex-pats and cooking for them among the lines of vines in their award-winning vineyard. Back home in the UK, inspired by the wine and the almond-based macarons, James demonstrates how to make a delicious one-pot-wonder and a simple but stunning souffle

James Martin’s French Adventure Premieres Thursday 13 July 2017 at 8.30pm on ITV

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