Liar Episode 5 airs Monday 9 Oct on ITV

Liar Episode 5

We are really enjoying Williams brothers thriller Liar, part three turned the whole scenario on it’s head and took the story to the next level.

In the penultimate episode Laura devises a way to make Andrew pay for what he has done, and involves Tom (Warren Brown) in her plan. Andrew of course is now a free man and, feeling confident and relaxed, goes to visit his elderly friend Sylvia. He deposits a bag in her garden shed. It becomes clear from the sinister contents that he uses this as a storage facility.

When a deception in Laura’s personal life comes to light, she is left with no one to turn to. Desperate and feeling isolated, she resorts to dangerous methods to force Andrew’s confession, but she is not alone in her mission

Liar Episode 5 (of 6) airs on Monday 9 October 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on ITV.

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