Long Lost Family Series 7 Premieres Wed 26 Jul on ITV

Long Lost Family Series 7 Episode 1

The award-winning Long Lost Family returns to ITV for a brand new seventh series on Wednesday 26 July at 9.00pm on ITV. Presented by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell, the programme reunites relatives with loved ones they have been desperately searching for.

This episode follows divorced couple Marion Williams and James McDonnell, childhood sweethearts who, following pressure from their families, gave up their first baby for adoption. Just two years later, Marion became pregnant again, and this time the couple married and kept their baby. They had two daughters before their eventual divorce, and have always feared how their son would react if he knew they stayed together and had a family.

The second search comes from Cathie Cutler-Evans, who is desperate to find her birth mother Adrienne Powell. As an unmarried 19-year-old, Adrienne was unable to provide Cathie with a stable home. Adrienne sent a letter to Cathie’s parents thanking them for giving her a loving home and asking them to explain to her daughter how much she loved her. Cathie has longed to find her birth mother ever since she discovered the letter.

Long Lost Family Series 7 Premieres Wednesday 26 July on ITV at 9.00pm

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