Love Your Home and Garden Premieres Wed 30 Aug on ITV

Love Your Home and Garden Episode 1

Alan Titchmarsh has been tackling some of the country’s toughest backyards for years, helping some extraordinary people achieve their dream of a perfect garden. In that time, he has also encountered families who are in great need and for whom a new garden and home could be truly life changing.

In this new three-part series, Alan challenges architects, builders and gardeners to bring the outside in and transform the living spaces of some very inspirational families.

In this first episode, airing on Wednesday 30 August at 8.00pm, the team travel to Banbury to surprise two young carers, 12-year-old Claudia and nine-year-old Leonie. In 2013, their mother Donna suffered a heart attack which left her without 70 per cent of her sight, then just two years ago Donna also underwent treatment for breast cancer. This has made life very challenging for the family. Donna’s husband Lee works full time, so when he is away it is up to the girls to make sure their mother is cared for.

The house is dark and cramped, which aggravates Donna’s visual impairment and means that the girls have to be extra vigilant to ensure she does not fall. Their garden could offer some respite, but this remains a lumpy and featureless yard that the family never use. Alan and his team rise to the enormous challenge and transform both areas into bright usable spaces, at the same time as sharing tips and tricks on how to link outdoor and indoor spaces

Love Your Home and Garden Episode 1 (of 3) airs Wednesday 30 August 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on ITV.

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