My Mother And Other Strangers Final Episode airs Sunday 11 Dec on BBC One

My Mother And Other Strangers Episode 5

It’s the fifth and final episode of Irish drama My Mother And Other Strangers this Sunday on BBC One and things come to a head for the main characters whilst the local children get to enjoy a Christmas party.

Early morning, by the Far Rock, Rose is preoccupied by Dreyfuss’ absence. She returns home frozen, and Sally worries that the mistress is not quite herself. Rose packs the children off to school with the promise of a surprise.

Rose and Mr Corey break the news to the children about the Christmas party at the aerodrome. They are wild with excitement, but the party creates waves amongst the community as Ned Hanlon wants to know why they’re not invited.

Rose finally hears the familiar sound of Dreyfuss’ jeep, and braces herself. But on seeing him for the first time in three weeks, her heartache takes over and she rejects him coldly. She has had to deal with Nurse Zeigler, why would she make time for him now?

Meanwhile Michael receives some bad news: his cousin, Vincent, wants Michael to buy back the licence to the pub which is currently held in Vincent’s name. Michael finds the courage to tell Rose about the pub. She holds him and tries to ease his worries, but she is troubled by the idea of him being betrayed by someone he trusts.

The children are cut loose at the Christmas party, where the air hanger has been turned into a magical wonderland. Amid the excitement, Rose discovers the real reason for Dreyfuss’ disappearance, leaving her more torn than ever.

Rose is played by Hattie Morahan, Michael by Owen McDonnell and Captain Dreyfuss by Aaron Staton

My Mother And Other Strangers Episode 5 (of 5) airs on Sunday 11 December, 2016 at 9.00pm on BBC One.

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