Nadiya’s British Food Adventure Episode 4: London (BBC-2 7 Aug 2017)

Nadiya's British Food Adventure Episode 4

In the fourth episode of this eight part series Nadiya continues on her culinary voyage of discovery across Britain to find and taste the very best that the country has to offer. This week she heads to London to discover cutting-edge food produce.

Her first stop is an industrial estate in Beckton in East London – an unlikely location for a farm. There she finds Grow Up, an indoor, urban farm that uses hydroponics and aquaponics to grow grow salad without using soil. Instead, the plants are fed by the fish poo and grown indoors using UV instead of sunlight, so the farm produce isn’t dependent on seasons or the weather.

Nadiya is shown around by the farm’s co-creator Kate, and helps feed the fish and harvest watercress before cooking up a tilapia and watercress curry with lemon couscous.

Nadiya’s next stop in Holloway, North London, to meet a Michelin-trained chef who now runs supper clubs in his home, where he showcases his revolutionary idea of cooking food with fragrances. Pratap creates a lamb dish cooked with frankincense, and feeling inspired by his creations Nadiya makes an aromatic pistachio cake.

In her own kitchen, Nadiya’s two recipes are dedicated to her experiences of London: the first is a ras el-hanout steak and kidney pie, the best of old traditional London and a modern Capital changed by immigration. Her second recipe is inspired by the delights of her secret guilty pleasure, the city’s chicken take away shops! She cooks her homemade version which is a real family favourite – crispy chicken, sweet potato fries and barbeque beans.

Nadiya’s British Food Adventure Episode 4 (of 8) airs Monday 7 August 2017 from 8.30pm-9.00pm on BBC Two.

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