Nigella: At My Table Series Premiere Mon 30 Oct on BBC Two

Nigella At My Table BBC 2017

Nigella Lawson is back with a brand new series packed with simple recipes full of complex flavour. Nigella: At My Table, premiering on Monday 30 October at 8.30pm on BBC Two, shows us food we can all bring to our own tables, vibrant and varied but always relaxed.

In the first episode, Nigella shares new discoveries like her Turkish-inspired eggs, as well as old-fashioned favourites including the aptly named Queen Of Puddings.

For a relaxed get together around the table, Nigella rustles up a gloriously simple chicken and pea tray-bake. For times of urgent need, there are her emergency Brownies, and she finds a new use for a spiralizer.

Nigella: At My Table Episode 1 (of 6) airs on Monday 30 October 2017 from 8.30pm-9.00pm on BBC Two.

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