Performance Live presents Flood: To The Sea Premieres Sat 12 Aug on BBC-2

Flood To The Sea

Flood, premiering on Saturday 12 August at 10.00pm on BBC Two, is the story of what happens when the world is destroyed and how those who survive try to make it new again.

One day it starts to rain and no-one knows why. And it doesn’t stop. Far out on the North Sea a fisherman raises a girl in his net, miraculously alive from the deep sea. Is she one of the migrants now washing up on English shores? Or someone sent for some higher purpose?

Set in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event, which has seen England engulfed by water, this play asks a simple question: what if the fleeing masses from our TV screens and Twitter feeds, in their boats and their orange lifejackets, had English accents? A reimagining of the Flood myth, it is the story of how the nation is destroyed by a global flood and tsunami wave.

Presented on a floating stage in Hull’s Victoria Dock, those left fight for survival.

Flood: To The Sea is the third instalment of an extraordinary year-long epic commissioned for Hull UK City of Culture 2017 that will be told online, live in Hull and on BBC television. Created by the groundbreaking Leeds-based theatre company Slung Low, it is directed by artistic director Alan Lane and features new talent from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. It is written by award-winning playwright James Phillips, and directed by Ross MacGibbon for BBC TV.

Performance Live is a risk-taking and pioneering new strand of programmes, generated through a partnership between BBC Arts, Arts Council England and Battersea Arts Centre, that brings some of the most innovative and exciting artists working in performance in England today to prime time Saturday night television on BBC Two in 2017 and 2018.

Performance Live presents Flood: To The Sea airs Saturday 12 August 2017 from 10.00pm-10.30pm on BBC Two.

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