Prime Suspect 1973 Episode 3 (ITV 16 Mar 2017, with Alun Armstrong)

Prime Suspect 1973 Episode 3

In the third episode of genre prequel Prime Suspect 1973, airing on Thursday 16 March at 9.00pm on ITV, George and Mary Collins protest their innocence when questioned about their daughter’s last days. But when Jane discovers a witness who saw the victim’s boyfriend Eddie (Jacob James Beswick) visit George Collins the previous night, George confesses that Julie-Ann stole money from him to finance a drug deal. Later, a bloody clue reveals a shocking truth.

Meanwhile, Clifford (Alun Armstrong) is released from prison and returns to a hero’s welcome. However, he is dismayed when he receives a visit from DI Bradfield (Sam Reid). At the precinct, Jane and Bradfield’s personal life starts to make their working relationship awkward. A major breakthrough in the case leads to a horrifying scene of drug abuse and squalor that causes Gibbs (Blake Harrison) to lose his cool and possibly jeopardise the entire investigation.

Prime Suspect 1973 is the prequel to the Helen Mirren starring series and focuses on the early career of DCI Jane Tennison.

Prime Suspect 1973 Episode 3 airs on Thursday 16 March 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on ITV.

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