Quacks: The Madman’s Trial (BBC-2 29 Aug 2017, with Lydia Leonard)

Quacks The Madman’s Trial:

The Madman’s Trial: William has a patient, Harold (Jamie Demetriou), with extreme monomania: he seems sane, other than his fervent belief that he will be seized by spies at any moment and put on trial for being a French noble.

With John, Robert and Caroline’s help, William concocts a daring plan to cure Harold of his delusion by staging the trial and ‘acquitting’ him.

Meanwhile, Caroline is determined to advance her medical knowledge, even if it means sneaking into a male-only lecture.

John’s debts leave him in desperate need to make money – by fair means or quackery – and Robert looks to advance his reputation by securing the backing of a wealthy female patron, Lady Campbell (Fenella Woolgar).

But it turns out Lady Campbell is interested in more than just the contents of Robert’s kit bag, and his ‘special relationship’ with Campbell is threatened when Caroline catches Robert in a compromising situation.

Pictured is Caroline (Lydia Leonard)

Quacks: The Madman’s Trial Episode 3 (of 6) airs Tuesday 29 August 2017 from 10.00pm-10.30pm on BBC TWO.

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