Real, Fake Or Unknown: Dicing with Death Series Premiere 29 Jun on Channel 4

Real, Fake Or Unknown Channel 4

Every minute of every day, thousands of videos are uploaded to the internet. The most intriguing, shocking and extreme go viral. But can you always be sure that they’re real? Using scientific analysis and digital forensics, Real, Fake Or Unknown examines some of the web’s most-watched clips, uncovering how they were made and why.

Three death-defying videos are under the spotlight in this episode. A hair-raising hoverboarder teeters high above the streets of Dubai. In Canada, a man apparently dices with death under a train, and in Japan, there’s a grizzly encounter on the slopes as a snowboarder narrowly escapes being munched by a bear.

Are these clips real or fiendish fake?

Production Company: Wild Dream Films Ltd

Real, Fake Or Unknown: Dicing with Death Episode 1 (of 6) airs Thursday 29 June 2017 from 11.05pm-12.10am on Channel 4.

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