Real, Fake Or Unknown: Natural World (Channel 4 6 Jul 2017)

Real, Fake Or Unknown Channel 4

How can we be sure that the internet’s most intriguing, shocking and extreme videos are real? Using scientific analysis and digital forensics, this series finds out how some of the web’s most-watched clips were made, and why.

One of the most popular types of viral video on the planet, the animal clip, is under the spotlight in this second episode, including, from Wales, the most extreme shepherding you’ll ever see; an African tale of a vengeful lion; a New Zealand deep sea monster mystery; and a cradle-snatching Canadian eagle. Are these clips real or fake?

Production Company: Wild Dream Films Ltd

Real, Fake Or Unknown: Natural World Episode 2 (of 6) airs Thursday 6 July 2017 from 11.05pm-00.10am on Channel 4

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