Rellik Episode 4 (BBC-1 2 Oct 2017)

Rellik 2015

Last weeks backwards travelling third episode of Rellik answered more than a few questions but left us with even more. In the fourth of six episodes, airing on Monday 2 October at 9.00pm on BBC One, an unexpected tip-off convinces Gabriel and his team to launch a risky mission designed to catch the killer in the act. But as pressure mounts from all sides, Gabriel begins to push away those closest to him.

When Gabriel publicly denounces the murderer during a press conference, the killer’s sights turn towards him and the tension ratchets up and the hunter becomes the hunted.

Meanwhile Elaine confronts the demons of her past. As the dark, hidden lives of those closest to him begin to be revealed, Gabriel is forced to face up his changed self and the indelible mark left on him by the killer. Struggling to cope with the effect this case has had on his life, Gabriel swears renewed investigative vigour. However, just as he does, Gabriel uncovers a shocking secret that cuts straight to the heart of his family.

With pressure mounting from all sides, the killer’s sights turn towards Gabriel – and the tension ratchets up as the hunter becomes the hunted.

Rellik Episode 4 (of 6) airs Monday 2 October 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC One.

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