Rent A Cop (BBC-3 2015)

AIRDATE: Thursday 29 October 2015 at 10.30pm on BBC Three

Episode 1 (of 8)

Rent a Cop is an observational documentary series following Sparta Security, a Darlington-based private security firm. Sparta is run by well-known local character Francis Jones, who has given behind the scenes access to himself, his staff and their operations. The series will also follow the businesses and people affected by the cases Francis takes on.
Francis Jones is a born-again Christian and former professional boxer. He is a man with a big personality and he’s on a mission to clean up the streets of Darlington. No job is too small for Sparta Security and Francis often goes the extra mile to help his clients with often outrageous but also hilarious consequences.

Francis relies on his office team of Rachel and Claire, who use their unusual sales techniques to help him find and secure new business. The work they bring in varies from mediating in neighbourhood disputes to guarding against grand larceny at big businesses in the area. Francis employs a number of security staff to work with him, including balaclava-clad ex-forces officers, part-time bouncers and a personal trainer. Together they use a range of unorthodox methods to make Darlington a better place to live.

In episode one Francis is hired by a local resident to tackle a gang on motorbikes who have been riding dangerously in public areas and he arranges a meeting with the local MP Jenny Chapman to discuss the problem. Elsewhere, Francis is interviewing for a new apprentice to help grow the business. He likes to mentor former offenders and appoints a young man called Pembow to the role. Pembow will assist Francis on jobs where a security licence isn’t required, and joins him on a night time burglar hunt.

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