Ripper Street Season 5 Episode 5 (BBC-1 17 Jul 2017, with Matthew MacFadyen)

Ripper Street Season 5 Episode 5

As Ripper Street reaches it’s final episode (there is just one more to go after this one) the stakes are getting ever higher. Now that Edmund Reid is locked in the cells of Leman Street, and Jedediah Shine is dead, it seems that Augustus Dove has won the battle for Whitechapel.

All that remains is for Dove and his protégé Drummond to track down Long Susan and Jackson and bring them to justice. For Reid it seems that all hope is lost – but is time for one last roll of the dice in his bid to take down Dove?

Meanwhile, Jackson and Long Susan prepare to leave London for good, having finally retrieved their son Connor. Freedom is almost in sight, but can they bring themselves to leave their friend Reid behind?

Pictured is Detective Inspector Edmund Reid played by Matthew MacFadyen.

Ripper Street Season 5 Episode 5 (of 6) airs Monday 17 July 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC Two.

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