Rosehaven Season Final on ABC Wednesday 30 Nov

Rosehaven Episode 8

It’s the season final of Rosehaven, the dryly funny comedy from Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola this Wednesday at 9.00pm on ABC. It’s been an entertaining series so we do hope a second season is forthcoming.

Last week saw Danny, it’s Daniel actually, making the decision to leave Rosehaven with Grace when she takes up her new job on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Of course he hasn’t told Emma yet.

When he does tell Emma it leaves her with the choice of staying on without him or going back to Melbourne to try and get her old job back at Flight Centre. Neither Daniel or Emma know when they’ll see each other again. Emma says it’s fine (it’s not) and they head out to their last inspection together, only to discover that tenants Daniel approved have trashed McCallum Real Estate’s most important property.

To make matters worse the property’s owner is coming to town in a few days to inspect it. Daniel and Emma lie to Barbara and tell her the property is ‘gooooood’, in order to buy time to get it cleaned. After they unsuccessfully try to hire professional cleaners (none of them will go near it), Daniel and Emma’s only option is to do it themselves. Grace and town locksmith Damien (now Emma’s new boyfriend) come to help, but that doesn’t stop Daniel and Emma gradually becoming more and more frustrated with each other. They need to have the house clean before Barbara finds out, but the elephant in the room that is Daniel’s departure is tipping them to boiling point.

After a day of cleaning they have barely made a dent – they will have to pull an all-nighter. Exhausted,delirious and with tensions still high, Emma draws on the wall, pushing Daniel over the edge. With Daniel about to leave town, it seems their friendship may be at a permanent end…

Luke McGregor as Daniel McCallum
Celia Pacquola as Emma Dawes
Kris McQuade as Barbara McCallum
Noela Foxcroft as Mrs Marsh
Katie Robertson as Grace
David Quirk as Damian
Sam Cotton as Bruce Hardwick

Rosehaven airs on ABC 30 November 2016 at 9.00pm

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