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Rosewood: Amparo & The American Dream (Fox 21 Apr 2017, with Manny Montana)

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Amparo & The American Dream: Rosewood and Villa are pulled into the world of human trafficking to investigate the death of a school teacher, and a surprising insight into Slade’s past draws Rosie and Villa closer than ever before.

Cast: Morris Chestnut as Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr.; Jaina Lee Ortiz as Det. Annalise Villa; Lorraine Toussaint as Donna Rosewood; Gabrielle Dennis as Pippy Rosewood; Anna Konkle as Tara Milly Izikoff; Domenick Lombardozzi as Det. Ira Hornstock; Eddie Cibrian as Capt. Ryan Slade

Guest Cast: Sam Huntington as Mitchie Mendelson, Manny Montana as Marcos Villa, Eric Winter as Adrian Webb, Patrick Gallagher as Captain Marino, Carmela Zumbado as Thanny Torres, Emily Tosta as Yaselyn, Al Carabello as Sherman Camp, Christopher Cho as Medical Examiner, Briana Cap as Barbara Dicasoli, Cazimir Milostan as Officer, Chris Candy as Patrolman Magintoter, Kelly Lamarr as Elderly Officer, Jay Giannone as Newspaper Guy, Ray Dennis as Big Dude, Nevin Tobias Mathew as Guard #1, Monica Estrada as Yaselyn’s Mother

Series: Rosewood Season 2 Episode 21
Air Date: Friday, April 21, 2017
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:01 PM EST on FOX

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