Save Money: Good Food Premieres on 4 Apr on ITV

Save Money Good Food

New series Save Money: Good Food, presented by Susanna Reid and chef Matt Tebbutt, premieres on Tuesday 4 April at 8.00pm on ITV, aiming to save everyday families thousands of pounds from their food bills by transforming monotonous mid-week meals into aspirational, sumptuous feasts for a

fraction of the cost, and featuring all manner of money-saving tricks, smart shopping and savvy cooking tips.

This show offers an essential guide to how to eat like a king without breaking the bank. In this very special super-sized launch show, Susanna and Matt come to the aid of a family whose weekly food budget is getting them down, and transforms their finances with some super thrifty but super tasty recipes.

The team suggest ways to save them thousands of pounds by demonstrating how to make five delicious family meals for under a fiver, including a sumptuous Indian banquet. Susanna uncovers the truth about super cheap food, revealing what makes it so inexpensive, what exactly is in it and how good – or bad – it tastes.

Meanwhile, Matt wages war on waste and road tests some revolutionary new ways to reduce waste and save lots of money in the process.

Save Money: Good Food Episode 1 airs on Tuesday 4 April 1971 at 8.00pm on ITV

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