The Secret Life of Posh Pets Episode 2 (ITV 7 Jul 2017)

The Secret Life of Posh Pets Episode 2

The second episode of documentary series The Secret Life of Posh Pets airs on Friday 7 July at 8.00pm on ITV.

Last week, millionaires Debi and Bob prepared for a big but rather unusual wedding, Louise and her daughter Sophie showed off their hedgehog breeding business and dog portrait artist Robert Clarke painted a likeness of Norfolk terrier Tommy for loyal client Rachel, charging £5,000 for the privilege.

In this second episode, Doncaster falcon breeder Bryn’s obsession with creating the fastest animals on earth has paid off, as he sets out to breed over £2 million worth of young falcons to sell to the super rich Sheikhs and princes of the Middle East. High-earning city boy Zane sets out on a Bengal cat breeding adventure, producing beautiful £1,000 kittens, then reinvesting the proceeds in a super rare domestic black panther. Finally, having spent £4,000 on catering, dresses and miniature horse drawn carriages, Debi and Bob can enjoy the doggy wedding of the year as their chihuahuas Honey and Joey finally tie the knot!

The Secret Life of Posh Pets Episode 2 airs on Friday 7 July 2017 at 8.00pm on ITV.

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