The Secret World of Posh Pets Premieres Fri 30 Jun on ITV

Secret World of Posh Pets

The Secret World of Posh Pets is a documentary series premiering on Friday 30 June at 8.00pm on ITV, looking at some of the more unusual pets owned by the rich, and detailing the charmed life some of these animals lead.

In the first episode of this new series, millionaires Debi and Bob prepare for the wedding of their teacup chihuahua Honey to long-time partner Joey, a chihuahua cross, in an extravagant ceremony that is costing £4,000. Louise (pictured) and herdaughter Sophie raise African pygmy hedgehogs that they sell to eager owners, but Louise is very protective of her charges and has a strict vetting process for potential owners.

Will hedgehog lover Jan, who has longed to own a hedgehog of her own for years, make the grade and get the baby hoglet of her dreams? Successful dog portrait artist Robert Clarke, whose client list includes celebrities and discerning art lovers, paints another portrait of Norfolk terrier Tommy for loyal client Rachel – but will she be happy with the result and willing to pay his £5,000 fee?

The Secret World of Posh Pets Episode 1 airs on Friday 30 June 2017 at 8.00pm on ITV.

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