Speed With Guy Martin: F1 Challenge airs Sun 17 Sep on Channel 4

Speed With Guy Martin: F1 Challenge

Motorcycle racer, lorry mechanic and speed lover Guy Martin joins the Williams Martini Racing team to see if he can make it as a member of the elite Formula 1 pit crew, who can change four tyres in an unbelievable 1.92 seconds. Guy lived, ate, travelled and worked with the pit crew at the recent 2017 Belgian Grand Prix, giving this programme an unprecedented insight into Formula 1.

With never-before-seen camera angles and access to the normally secret team radio, this is every fan’s dream: F1 from the inside. Guy had to try and learn the split-second timing that sees 22 pit crew members perform 34 different actions without getting in each other’s way. He conducted more than 100 practice stops, including one where a last-minute call meant he didn’t have time to put on his gloves so he ended up handling the 100-degree tyre with a bare hand.

Guy earned the right to join the team at the Belgian Grand Prix in the pit crew’s most dangerous role: the Wheel Off Man, who must step out in front of the moving car ready to remove the old tyre as soon as the car has stopped. The race was incredibly hectic, and a unique view of all the behind-the-scenes action reveals the intense pressure that the mechanics face as Guy finds himself in the thick of four pit stops, changing tyres for veteran Felipe Massa and 18-year-old Lance Stroll. Does he let the side down? Or does he help the team achieve a new pit stop record?

Producer and Director: James Woodroffe
Executive Producer: Neil Duncanson
Production Company: North One

Speed With Guy Martin: F1 Challenge airs Sunday 17 September 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on Channel 4.

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