SS-GB Episode 4 (BBC-1 12 Mar 2017, with Sam Riley)

In the fourth episode of five part thriller SS-GB, airing on Sunday 12 March at 9.00pm on BBC One, as Archer witnesses the aftermath of the explosion at Highgate Cemetery, Barbara is in the thick of it trying to save lives – and a distraught Huth comes to terms with the loss of a close colleague.

With martial law imminent, a worried Archer steals and forges travel passes to secure passage for Douggie, Mrs Sheenan and Bob, to the safe zone located in the Northern countryside. But as martial law descends and terrifying mass-arrests begin, will Archer, Harry and Sylvia escape incarceration?

That evening Archer is taken by Barbara to the U.S. Ambassador’s residence where he meets with Mayhew, other British establishment members of the Resistance and a US attaché Dan Hapkiss. Desperate to keep the Germans from getting hold of Dr Spode’s atomic bomb calculations, Archer finds himself embroiled into the Resistance’s masterplan of defiance with Barbara at his side. Will his involvement cause harm to those closest to him?

Meanwhile the rivalry between Huth and Kellerman turns personal and Archer finds himself at the centre of their personal battle.

SS-GB Episode 4 (of 5) airs on Sunday 12 March 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC One.

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