SS-GB Final Episode Sunday 19 March on BBC One

SS-GB Episode 5

The tense final episode of what has been a hugely enjoyable (if occasionally muffled) alternate history crime drama airs on Sunday 19 March at 9.00pm on BBC One

In the early hours of the morning Archer and Harry make their attempt to rescue a frail King George VI from the hospital. But when complications arise, Archer is left with no option but to enlist the help of Sylvia, who joins them on the dangerous journey out of London to reach the escape Rendezous.

When a puncture halts the trio’s escape they seek refuge on a farm. But when the rescue mission is thrown into jeopardy, Archer must take matters into his own hands. Will they be able to deliver the King safely?

Elsewhere, a grim faced Kellermann holds a shaken and bruised Barbara in a police cell, demanding she tells him what she knows of the Resistance. Under threat of torture, will she withstand the interrogation?

Meanwhile, the Resistance is stationed at an airstrip near Bringle Sands. As Sylvia tends to the King, Archer talks to Burnham, a Resistance fighter, who agrees that everything hinges on what happens that night. But with no contact from Mayhew, will everything go to plan?

Pictured are Harry Woods (James Cosmo), Sylvia Manning (Maeve Dermody), Detective Superintendent Douglas Archer (Sam Riley)

SS-GB Episode 5 (of 5) airs on Sunday 19 March 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC One.

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