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Taboo Episode 7 (BBC-1 18 Feb 2017 with Oona Chaplin)

Taboo Episode 7

In the penultimate episode of Taboo, airing on Saturday 18 Feb at 9.15pm on BBC One, James Delaney (Tom Hardy) has seemingly lost everything, but when he suffers a devastating betrayal, he realizes even his freedom is in jeopardy.

Armed with the opportunity they have been longing for, the Crown and Company conspire to bring him down once and for all.

Elsewhere, Lorna (Jessie Buckley) sets out to discover the truth, whilst Zilpha (Oona Chaplin – pictured above) has perhaps already found her own.

Taboo Episode 7 (of 8) airs on Saturday 18 February 2017 from 9.15pm-10.15pm on BBC One.

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