The Hunt For Jill Dando’s Killer (Channel 4 15 Apr 2003)

AIRDATE: Tuesday 15 April 2003 on Channel 4

Four years ago this week, Jill Dando was brutally murdered on the doorstep of her Fulham home. Over a year later, local man Barry George was arrested, found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. His conviction remains one of the most controversial of recent years. The Hunt for Jill Dando’s Killer is a fascinating film, which has been made with the full co-operation of the police and examines the events surrounding Britain’s first ever celebrity stalker killing and the evidence that eventually led the police to George.

The video recordings of Barry George’s interrogation by the police following his arrest are shown on television for the first time, as well as hitherto unseen footage of the interior of George’s flat and police surveillance footage. The film examines evidence seized from George’s flat, including the photographs from hundreds of rolls of undeveloped film, notebooks with handwritten lists of guns and other military equipment, and magazines and books featuring military equipment and tactics.

The film also features in-depth interviews with the investigation team and Hamish Campbell, the senior investigating officer, reads from his decisions log, offering a unique insight into the mechanics of such a high-profile investigation. Campbell also responds to the criticisms made by the defence team during the trial and by the press after the trial about the safety of the conviction.

Director: Nick Godwin
Producer: Katherine Walton
Production Company: Ideal World

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