Three Wives, One Husband Episode 2 (Channel 4 30 Mar 2017)

3 Wives 1 Husband

The second episode of Channel 4’s intriguing four part documentary Three Wives, One Husband continues on Thursday 30 March at 9.00pm.

Abel Morrison has three wives and eleven children. His newest wife, 22-year-old Marina, is heavily pregnant so it’s a chaotic time for the family and relationships are under strain. While Abel’s first wife, Suzie, takes the challenges of plural marriage in her stride, his second wife Beth is struggling with Marina’s demands on Abel’s attention. On the day of the birth, things come to a head and she finds it difficult to contain her emotions. While the family work to overcome their insecurities and rebuild relationships, a bombshell could turn life as they know it upside down.

Meanwhile, Anna, the daughter of the community’s founder, is busy preparing for the ‘end of days’, when society will collapse ahead of Christ’s second coming. She and her husband Cary have eight children, and while he’s open to the possibility of plural marriage, she’s in no hurry to find a sister wife. Now their teenage daughter has asked for their blessing to court a young man from out of town and Cary needs to decide whether it’s time to let her set off on the road to marriage.

3 Wives 1 Husband

It should be noted that this series is not related to a 2014 Channel 4 series that had the same title.

Series Director: Tanya Winston
Series Producer: Vicky Mitchell
Producer and Director: Becky Lomax
Production Company: Keo Films

Three Wives, One Husband Episode 2 (of 4) airs on Thursday 30 March 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on Channel 4.

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