Timewasters Premieres Mon 9 Oct on ITV2

Timewasters ITV2

Brand new sitcom Timewasters premieres Monday 9 October at 9.00pm on ITV2, The timetravelling plot sees a struggling four-piece south London jazz band travel back to the 1920s. After their time machine – a grim lift in a dilapadated building – malfunctions, the group end up trapped.

Stuck in the past, they explore Edwardian London, where they discover being young and black in the era of jazz is a bit shadier than Downton Abbey had led them to believe. The series kicks off with a double bill.

After meeting wealthy twins Victoria (Liz Kingsman) and Ralph (Joseph Quinn), the band are invited to play at a concert. However, Nick (Daniel Lawrence Taylor) just wants to go home. After an argument he runs off and, in a twist of fate, Nick meets John Logie Baird (Kevin Eldon) – the inventor of the television – and tries to persuade him to help with his mission to get home.

The band move in with Victoria and Ralph and while the rest of the gang revel in their new lifestyle, Nick just tries to figure out how to get home. To help him, the rest of the band arrange for him to see a doctor (Nigel Havers). The doctor invites Nick on a spiritual retreat to help with his wellbeing, but both the retreat and the doctor may not be as they appear. Lauren (Adelayo Adedayo) becomes fed up with Ralph’s irritating advances so she fends him off in her own unique style, but Jason’s (Kadiff Kirwan) love life is much better and he and Victoria become an item.

There is trouble on the horizon for the group, Curtis (Kevin ‘KG’ Garry) has managed to travel back in time and is trying to track down the band so he can exact his revenge.

Timewasters Episodes 1 and 2 air Monday 9 October 2017 from 10.00pm on ITV.

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